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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I ask you to paint my house?

We promise a quality finish at a fair price. We don't believe that making compromises on the materials we use or the time spent in preparation or finish would be good for your peace of mind or our reputation.

Most of our business comes from recommendations. We're very proud of this and aim to maintain this trust.

How long does it take and will there be much disturbance?

Approximately ten to fifteen working days, depending of course on the size of the property, the condition of the substrate and the specification of work.

Working days are Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. till 4.30 p.m. with a thirty minute break for lunch. Occasionally we may alter this schedule if for example we are affected by the weather.

As for noise and disturbance there will only be noise created on the first couple of days when we are undertaking the powerwash with the petrol motor driven hydro wash machine. We do not play radios or otherwise cause a disturbance. At the end of every working day all paint and equipment is tidied up and placed under a cover. All ladders are brought down from walls and stored safely. We bring our own kettle and beverages and you do not have to supply same.

Why only a ten year maintenance scheme when other companies offer a fifteen year guarantee?

Some house paint companies advertise that the paint they use has a fifteen year "manufacturers guarantee" which in many cases is not true and in any case isn't really any use to a someone who has problems with the paint on their house as the manufacturing company will immediately refer the dissatisfied party to the paint company who applied the product.

The Villa Painters believe that ten years is a fair and realistic time that the paint will remain in good condition and are willing to underwrite this with our unique "Maintenance Guarantee".

Although we also believe (based on experience and anecdotal evidence) that with a little care and attention the paint will last in good condition for much longer than ten years.

Why should there be any need for maintenance if the house has been properly painted?

In the vast majority of cases, aside from a wash down occasionally to remove residue from "Sahara Rain", there is no need to undertake any form of repairs or maintenance after completion.

However from time to time we work on a house that has had serious and persistent problems with water ingress to some areas and although we treat these areas accordingly before painting there can be an escape of moisture from these walls to the outside as the substrate dries out. This can lead to the oxidisation of the paint and in some cases the separation of paint from the substrate. The result being that we have to re work these areas until the moisture escape has stopped.

Any paint company that claims that there will never be any snags with any painted property is being disingenuous with the truth.

Do you always spray?

Yes. We use modern airless spray equipment as it is the most effective method of achieving the quality of finish and the depth of long lasting coating that we wish to achieve with each house paint contract.

It's true that a house can be painted a lot cheaper using rollers. This is because this process uses much less paint and (believe it or not) takes less time. If you wish we can supply a quotation for this method, however it's not what we recommend.

Does the spray process cause a lot of mess with overspray?

No. We mask off all non paint areas very carefully and cover all plants and garden furniture etc; with plastic sheeting.

Why do you only use paint products that are manufactured in Spain?

Because unlike other products, paint products are used to protect the outside of buildings and so are exposed to the climate of the Mediterranean Coast of Spain which of course is different (much more extreme) than that of other parts of the world.

The Jotun Company whose product we use almost exclusively would not recommend the coatings that they manufacture in their home country of Norway for use in Spain and instead have formulated a range of paint specifically designed for this part of the world and are manufactured in the factory in Barcelona.

We don't just paint it, we protect and maintain it for ten years
The Villa Painters is based in Calpe on the Costa Blanca covering Javea, Moraira, Denia, Pego, Orba, Altea, Alfaz, Benidorm, El Campello, Alicante, Oliva, the Jalon Valley and all inland Costa Blanca areas.   SEE ON MAP
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